Rebalance your metabolism IN 21 DAYS (UK-Version)

Rebalance your metabolism IN 21 DAYS (UK-Version)
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  • 11330
  • Arno Schikowsky
  • Softcover
This book is a comprehensive guide that will help you to undertake the 21 Day Metabolic Diet... mehr
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This book is a comprehensive guide that will help you to undertake the 21 Day Metabolic Diet properly and successfully. To date, hundreds of thousands of people have done it with unprecedented succes. 

The authors have made a conscious effort to keep their explanations simple and clear as to the method and background behind it. They explain in an easily understandable way why so many people have had quick and lasting results without the dreaded "yo-yo"effect afterwards.

Are high quality nutritional supplements useful and how should they be used? How do metabolic activators work and why are they so imortant, especially with this diet? Why do you not get those unpleasant hunger pains?

These are just three of the main - legitimate - questions answered in this book. They have also detailed how you can best nourish your body.

The expertise of the authors is based on a wealth of professional in-depth knowledge, years of experience, together with the observations of numerous participants over the course of the diet.

The 21 Day Metabolic Diet is intended to be long lasting because its goal is a longterm, sensible and healthy way of eating rather than short-term (unreasonable) results.

Losing weight quickly or "only" doing something good for your body: Both are possible and easier than ever before with the Metabolic Diet.

The recipe section with its more than 100 delicious dishes is an essential part of this guide. It is designed to encourage you to cook healthy and delicious quality food in combination with a highly personal new body and life style.

Whether you decide to take this route or prefer to take a different one: we wish you the best of health and an exciting life with the best possible conditions for body, mind and soul that will significantly increase your quality of life.

(Arno Schikowsky- Fitness and nutrition coach with over 30 years of professional experience)

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